Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 24 - A Day To Remember

June 24, 2014
Today is a day to remember in the Callan household. This morning we found out that the results from a Phase 3 Study for Cystic Fibrosis came back with excellent results for those individuals with the F508del gene. Ellis is in her own clinical study of Vertex Pharmaceuticals for children ages 2-6 with the G551D mutation. So far, she has been gaining weight, taking a lower dosage of enzymes, and not having as much blocked mucus as she might have without the drug.
This new drug will hopefully be approved by the FDA before the end of the year! This is life-changing news for about fifty percent of the CF population! A true miracle and reason to celebrate! Needless to say, we are very blessed and grateful for all of those who have worked so diligently towards a cure.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Karen and Kelly

Ellis just performed in her very first dance recital. She remembered a lot of the moves, even though she was the youngest in her class. I, of course, had to be there. :) Such a sweetheart!
Watch her dance recital performance here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hosts, posts and more!

Blogs, hosts, posts, landing pages, links, rss feeders...argh!

Are you overwhelmed with technology as much as I am? It is such a time consumer these days to stay up with the trends of marketing, publishing, and promoting on the web. I am more tech savvy than most, and I do love to learn a "new trick." Yet so much time is spent sitting in front of a screen.

I am truly looking forward to simplifying my computer time with a few good apps and writing techniques. But then the big question arises. WHY? Why do any of this? For me the answer is simple. To stay spiritually connected to people. It may not seem "spiritual" to update you with this blog, for example. Yet anytime we can connect either by sharing insights, passions, hobbies, or pains is a spiritually guided connection.

I am surely grateful for sites like Facebook. I can always count on seeing something worthwhile and helpful (since I follow only positive and inspirational people.) Seeing photos of smiling families, videos of animals helping one another, or quotes from wise human beings boost my spiritual energy. I cry almost every day at the kindness and awe I see on screen. If you want to see my latest and greatest, here is the link to my facebook page.

I am always happy to share uplifting messages that make a day a little brighter.

Now back to my task at hand. Hyperlinks here I come!

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Sign Worth Sharing

While I was wakeful dreaming, Chloe, our havanese poodle mix, jumped off of the bed and went outside. I can't remember the last time she got up in the middle of the night, but I figured since she did, so would I . Still dark out, I walked to the bathroom where the only clock is, by the way, and saw the time...4:44 Apr 4

It took me a few moments to register. 4:44 4 4

444 - the angels are all around us!

I believe that the weeks before Easter are a very spiritual time when the angels expose themselves in big ways. I love being aware of their energy and participation in my life and experiencing all of the goodness they share.

My sister, Jo, has 3 owls in her trees right now. Kristina and Levi announced that they are in the process of adoption. Tonight i get to be with 3 of my kids and their families before a family wedding this weekend. Not to mention the amazing dream I was living just before i got up. (More on that later.)

It's a "what's next" day and it is only 9:00 in the morning! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Time for Everything

I am very busy these days as is most everyone around me. Keeping up with classes, birthdays, volunteering, friendships, social media, marketing, organizing and my health has proven to be a lot. Pacing myself and remembering WHY I do what I do is my continued area of focus. A conversation with a new student is measured against five minutes spent on facebook. Both are rewarding to me. Inspirational messages and videos which my "friends" share always make my day. I do, though, love creating my own heartfelt memories.

Every day I wake up with a ready spirit and open mind, excited about the possibilities of the new day.

It is in this very paused moment that I realize "writing" isn't listed above yet yearns to be in my daily routine. And although I type and write messages all day long, "writing for me" is bubbling up to the surface once again.

Looks like my time is in need of rebalancing. There are those extremely important activities which always make the top of the list. Family get-togethers, grandmothering opportunities, and canasta. A girl's got to get her cards in. :)

What can I let go of time wise? I stopped playing candy crush months ago. The pictures in my head interrupted my sleep too often. Not to mention the desire to place a person's nose in between their eyes just so I could get three across. Ugh!

I stopped cooking for the most part. I can put together a healthy meal but the days of roasting tomatoes and making my own sauces are a thing of the past.

Our garden is growing last year's seeds. I let that go as well.

Balance is key. I just need to see which key I need to use next.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Beauty of Life

Today is Tuesday. After saying "Yes" to every experience offered these past few weeks, my body is saying "Oh!" Each morning I am blessed with wildlife outside the window, dogs who love to be fed, and rooms filled with projects yet to be completed. I am not lacking for 'things to do.' I love life this way. Experience after experience, I am challenged and offered opportunities to practice being ME.

This morning I opened my tea bag.

"The beauty of life is to experience yourself."

And that is just what I will continue to do!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

At Last

At Last! My first book is almost available in print and on kindle and it has only taken me years of dedication and perseverance to complete it. Writing has always been a special part of my life and although many of the stories I share are from years past, the ability to compile and create a free-flowing book is truly a dream come true.

I read the first few chapters to Kelly the other night. He hadn't read it until then, if you can believe that. I asked him what he thought I was doing all of those days and hours and nights; sitting downstairs at my desk, tapping away at the keys. He laughed and said, "You're a writer!" Funny. Thankfully for me, he loved it.

And in keeping with the theme, the timing is perfect. My fiftieth birthday is this Friday. The birthday most women see as pivotal. Entering a new phase of this lifetime is divinely connected to the timing of my first book being published. It feels as though I am entering a period of self-realization and empowerment unlike any other decade before.

Just in Time.

Some of my girlfriends took me out to celebrate as we often do for each others birthdays. They have the wisdom and grace and blessing of having celebrated a few more than me. OK, about ten or so more than me. So when this birthday came up, they were thrilled. Their gift - a beautiful grey and cream bed pillow with large lettered words....AT LAST. Now we are all at least fifty. Well almost.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Last week, I decided to change my morning routine. I get up and after using the restroom, immediately put on my sweatpants and tennis shoes and walk out the bedroom door, with Clay and Chloe, and go straight out the front door for a walk down to the cul-de-sac. I have been doing this now for a couple of weeks and loving the still morning air, the singing birds, and the blossoming trees. Each day, Chloe spots a lizard or rabbit on the driveway and after a short pause, races to catch them. It is one of the highlights of her day as her large-gummed grin says it all. Clay, on the other hand, keeps a regular pace except for the thousands of bushes (they are actually small weeds, but I wouldn't tell him) he feels the need to lift his leg to. Proud and determined, my little man leaves a lasting impression.

Each of these past mornings, I woke up at exactly 5:41. I do not keep a clock by my bed, but when I go into the restroom, I can see the time and each day it has been the same....5:41. If you already know me, then you know how much I love my Angel Numbers book. It has every number from 0 - 999 mentioned with a message for the viewer. So I looked it up -


I am always amazed at how important and necessary the message is.

Today I decided to stay in bed a little longer. Yes, I woke up at the earlier hour, but my body wanted to stay horizontal so I laid there and did what I used to do. I picked up my I pad and checked my emails, Facebook and the Square report from The Parlour. (This is actually a really cool app which documents every sale we do, and for some reason, it fascinates me as to how many small cups or cones we sell.)

Clay and Chloe sleep with me which I love. I get to see Chloe's brown eyes look over as she opens them for the first time. Ahhhhhh.... Pretty special. Today she looked, she waited, she closed them. Eventually I did get out of bed and get changed and walked them straight out the front door. The temperature outside was perfect. All seemed the same. Then we noticed our neighbor, Dave, with his pit bull mix on his leash, coming up to the bottom of our driveway. I picked up Chloe and stopped walking. Clay couldn't care less and went right up to meet him. The greetings were cordial. Chloe said hello and all was fine. I had forgotten that they walk after we do, but today it was at the same time. Possible problem averted! Yay.

They went on ahead as the next surprise drove down our driveway...Kelly. He loves leaving for his daily tasks early in the morning. "Stop. Sit." Second hurdle handled. Without a thought, I said, "Let's go." We walked back up the driveway at a quicker pace. It was just too early in the morning for me to have any more chance meetings. Chloe didn't feel the same way. She froze on the drive up and growled with a dead stare at one coyote in the desert. I say one because they usually travel in packs. Again, I held her head still with a firm grip so she would understand the intensity of the possible issue. You see, I never put Clay and Chloe on a leash in the early morning because it had never been necessary. They are such great listeners and they mind me when I ask them to stay or follow. Today, obviously, that would have helped.

The coyote's tail was lowered between his legs. He stood and stared right back at us from a safe distance. Neither of us wanted to be the first to move. Knowing the third in a series of challenges thrown at me this morning had just appeared, I figured i wouldn't tempt my guardian angel any longer and just get back inside.

Of course the moral to the story changes as I change. Today I learned that it is best to listen to your guides when they are helping you rather than challenge them by staying in bed just a little longer. I know all would have gone smoothly had I just gotten up at the time they suggested :) Not that the morning wasn't eventful. It was. But sometimes easy and calm is a beautiful uneventful way to start the day :)