Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's December?

Can you believe it. December of 2011 is here and 2012 will be arriving before we know it. If you're like me, you may be feeling pushed and rushed with the list of desired items to get done. I love the festivities and traditions. I also love the feeling of "new" with the year of 2012 beginning.

On my wish list for next year, I want to feel even better than I do now. I want to be in better shape mentally, physically, and spiritually. I want to change some eating habits which aren't nurturing and add in activities which are. I want to let go of being stubborn ( just acknowledging that I am proves just how stubborn I have been. ) I want to complete what I have started and begin where I have finished. I want to live more and fear less.

Choosing to make a change is the first step. Writing it down is a good second. Putting a small piece of it into action is a great baby step. And then following through with the help of a friend or partner is a great stride. Talk about it. Make plans. Be proactive.

Enjoy every twinkle light and mug of cider.
Happy December!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy 11.11.1111

This is a once in a lifetime day as you already know and I just wanted to share how grateful I am for you and our experinces together. Today is about oneness. Many special meditations are taking place around the world. Take a few moments to check them out, or close your eyes and tune in. It is very likely that someone somewhere is sharing their gratitude at that same very moment!

During our teacher training, I shared a thread ceremony with my student teachers. After our group completed 200 hours of training, we sealed in that exceptional time by sharing a sacred thread ritual. We tied the blessed thread onto each other as we went around the circle. The significance of the thread acts as a visual reminder of what we shared and also a symbol of what we still need to focus on or work through. The thread that is tied on our wrist or ankle at times can feel annoying (what are we getting annoyed at in life) or comforting (what feels good and right to us.) It can also be a daily reminder of our unique experience we spent together if we choose to see it that way.

My thread let go of me this past week, three and a half months after it had become a part of me. I was sad to see it go, but realized that it was now time to create a new opportunity for a new thread in my life.

That being sad, starting in January, I will offering workshops which relate to our well-being and joy. Ayurveda, pendulums, nutrition, mudras, and more. Let me know if there is a subject or topic you are interested in hearing about.

I am also extremely thrilled to be back in my body! I have felt as though my mind has been scattered and unclear, which i was blaming perimenopause on. But thanks to the advice of a friend (whom I hope will come speak at one of the workshops), all is well again. Her advice was to move the electrical items next to my bed which send off eft's. For the last three nights, I have slept better than ever and have woken up refreshed and ready to go!!! Honestly, I feel as though the real me is back!

So my miracle tidbit to you on this very special day is to think about your surroundings and clear the electrical space away from where you rest. Clock radios are the worst culprits. (I can't even bring myself to give it away knowing I will cause someone else discomfort.)

Love you guys,
Enjoy this special and wonderful day,


Monday, October 3, 2011

October Yoga

October is here and with it comes great weather, gorgeous mornings, and plenty of events and parties.

Yoga is a sure way to keep your balance and grace through it all!

Here is a quick glance at the October schedule......
Please jot them down on your own calendar.


1 Saturday, 9:00am
3 Monday, 9:00am
5 Wednesday, 9:00am
6 Thursday, 6:00pm
11 Tuesday, 6:00pm
12 Wedmesday, 9:00am
13 Thursday, 6:00pm
15 Saturday, 9:00am
17 Monday, 9:00am
18 Tuesday, 6:00pm
19 Wednesday, 9:00am
20 Thursday, 6:00pm
22 Saturday, 9:00am
24 Monday, 9:00am
26 Wednesday, 9:00am
27 Thursday, 6:00pm
29 Saturday, 9:00am

Please check the blog below for the full month at a glance.


Monday, August 29, 2011


Aloha everyone,

Why not feel the waves roll up on your toes and the sand beneath them? How about the beautiful sunsets of orange and red hues slowly setting over the backdrop of a still evening ocean.


Every time you come to yoga, the feeling of being on a vacation is available to you.
Relaxed, Aware, Content....

Not to mention the fact that Kelly hand waters and feeds each and every plant budding and shining in our yards.
The setting here is beautiful right now with the morning light at our 9:00am class and the evening shadows on the mountains at 6:00.

Come see...(and feel.)

Classes today at 9:00am and 6:00pm.
no classes until next month.

*Note - New evening class days.
Please rsvp for all classes if you know ahead of time.

September Calendar

M, Sept 5 9:00 A Labor day
T, Sept 6 6:00 P
W, Sept 7 9:00 A
Th, Sept 8 6:00 P
Sat, Sept 10 9:00 A
M, Sept 12 9:00 A Full Moon Yoga
T, Sept 13 6:00 P
W, Sept 14 9:00 A
Th, Sept 15 6:00 P
Sat, Sept 17 9:00 A
M, Sept 19 9:00 A
T, Sept 20 6:00 P
W, Sept, 21 9:00 A
T, Sept 27 6:00 P New Moon Candlelight Yoga
W, Sept 28 9:00 A
Th, Sept 29 6:00 P
Sat, Oct 1 9:00 A

For a quick glance, look at the calendar.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time for Savasana

Ahhh...that great feeling of savasana. Come and enjoy, Karen

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

August Schedule

It's about that time....Routines begin to take shape, vacations wind down, classes get scheduled. And the one common thread through it all continues to bring us to a space of balance and calm. Yoga.

August is the perfect time to begin again. And why not. We know yoga makes us feel better. It gives us the strength and confidence we need to live joyfully. Bring a friend, coworker or family member. Just do it! You will be happy you did.

The schedule is noted on the calendar, but here is a quick look at the calendar at a glance.

Upcoming Classes -
Saturday, July 30, 9:00am
August -
1,3,15,17,22,24,29 - Monday's and Wednesday's at 9:00am and 6:00pm
20, 27 - Saturday's at 9:00am

Note the days that are not listed because I never want to leave a yogi stranded.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

RosaYoga Teachers Graduate!

Congratulations to the new RosaYoga teachers who graduated last night! The experience was so much more than I could have hoped for. To have such talented and remarkable women come together as one was an amazing life experience.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

July Schedule is Posted!

Our next class is this Saturday.
July's schedule is posted beginning with a class on July 2 at 9am.
Monday, Independence Day, July 4, we will have class at 9:00am only.
Classes that follow - July 18(both 9am and 6pm), July 20, 23, 27 and 30.

If you have a preference for days and times, let me know. I can always add a new class to the schedule if many of you would like that.

Have a great monsoon day!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beauty Abounds

Our blossoming artichoke from our garden....beautiful!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teacher Trainings Are Not Just For Teachers.

Yoga, Pranayama, Anatomy and Physiology and Vision Boards! We created a great space for learning and teaching here these past two days. Two guest teachers came to share their wisdom with us.

Anita Claney shared stories about yoga therapy with veterans suffering from Post Stress Disorder, gave insights into feeling the breath as it moves through us smoothly and taught us helpful techniques for calming and receiving the light into our hearts. She ended with a personal chant which we all agreed felt like a clearing and toning for our souls.

Carol Daniels led us through the bones, the muscles, the joints and the actions of them all as we held poses while feeling the muscles contract and stretch. Being on the mat during the subject of physiology brilliantly brought home the concepts into our bodies.

Teacher trainings are great for those people desiring to share their love of life and yoga, but they are also great for anyone interested in deepening their own practice and experiencing a retreat away from the patterned behaviors and activites of their everyday life. Keep this in mind for yourself in the future. I will leading some weekend retreats this next year! You will be happy when the timing is right.

Vision Boards in the making...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Congratulations Graduates!

“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” - Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Congratulations to all of my students who are graduating from school this year. You have made my life joyful, my days fun, and my spirit grateful. Thank you for everything. I feel so proud and honored to have had you in my classes. Enjoy your time in whatever you choose to do. With love, Karen

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Training Time!

Our first RosaYoga Teacher Training Session is in full swing. Nine exceptional individuals are open to spreading their knowledge, fun attitude, and spirit on. The time has been well spent. Participating in a training is not only beneficial for the person wanting to teach, but also for the student searching out a deeper connection to themselves. Keep this in mind for your future.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vote for me

Please vote for me to be on the cover of Yoga Journal.
You can vote 1 time each day.

Lots of great yogis out there.
It's fun seeing all of the various people.

En joy,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teacher Training at RosaYoga

hi all.....

I am excited about our first teacher training program for RosaYoga.

Session I -
March 13 - 16
7:00am - 8:00pm

This 4 day workshop is the first step to becoming a certified yoga teacher or a great way to simply enhance your personal practice with in-depth knowledge and insight.

What you will be learning:

detailed instruction of asanas (poses) including proper alignment and modifications
pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, journaling
easy techniques for teaching anywhere to anyone
how to prepare the room and set the tone of the energy in the space
how to tap into the flow of the class with or without music
a complete look into a yoga lifestyle and attitude

This first session will complete a 50 hour program.

RosaYoga is a registered school through Yoga Alliance®. Completion of four 50 hour immersion and teacher training programs qualifies graduates to be RYT certified at the 200-hour level.

Required reading will be sent out upon your decision.

Cost for each session is $440. (For you, my first students, I am charging half...$220.)
Deposit of 50% due with your registration.

Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

I look forward to sharing this part of your yoga journey with you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yoga Today

Are you as grateful as I am for the beauty that surrounds us, the love that encompasses us, and the support that lifts us?

If I simply take a moment to sit, see and listen, I am immediately in a state of awe at just how blessed I am. And each time I think of YOU, I am filled with that same gratitude.

Yoga is available to all of us at anytime and on any day. I, of course, enjoy when I can practice with others and believe that the comraderie we share here, is unique and special. Together we can make a difference in our community just by being at peace.

I welcome you to look at the current January schedule.

Monday, January 17- Martin Luther King Holiday 9:00am class only.

If you have that inner desire to get back to yoga, follow it! You will be so glad you did!

Take care always,

Saturday, January 1, 2011


A new day of a new year with new beginnings.

I am a true beleiver in not waiting for a holiday to dictate the spirit of new in our lives. But rather look to the new every day which is found in nature, growth, family, experience, insights, behaviors, and feelings. We are constantly in a state of change which gives us the opportunity to be constantly in a state of awe!

Yoga magically places us in that state and offers us the space and time to connect in a very profound way.

During this 'New Year,' I encourage you to move 'YOU' to the top of your priority list. It will make all the difference in your world.

Take care and know that every day is a new beginning and the perfect day to begin again.

With love,