Monday, October 3, 2011

October Yoga

October is here and with it comes great weather, gorgeous mornings, and plenty of events and parties.

Yoga is a sure way to keep your balance and grace through it all!

Here is a quick glance at the October schedule......
Please jot them down on your own calendar.


1 Saturday, 9:00am
3 Monday, 9:00am
5 Wednesday, 9:00am
6 Thursday, 6:00pm
11 Tuesday, 6:00pm
12 Wedmesday, 9:00am
13 Thursday, 6:00pm
15 Saturday, 9:00am
17 Monday, 9:00am
18 Tuesday, 6:00pm
19 Wednesday, 9:00am
20 Thursday, 6:00pm
22 Saturday, 9:00am
24 Monday, 9:00am
26 Wednesday, 9:00am
27 Thursday, 6:00pm
29 Saturday, 9:00am

Please check the blog below for the full month at a glance.