Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Added 2012 Classes and workshops!

Happy 2012! Amazing how much we can experience in the course of one year. I am always inspired by the accomplishments of those around me as well as my own past successes. Beyond that, we have a new year filled with new opportunities. Nike chose a great slogan and resolution for its company with "Just Do It!" and I believe that they are truly great words of encouragement.

With so many changes taking place within and outside of us, the need for grounding, balance and calm is more important than ever. Yoga gives us all of that and more in the short time period of an hour. Bring yourself here.

New 2012 classes!
Tuesday at 2:00pm - Flow class without sun salutations
Friday at 10:00am with Jo Hartman - Restorative
*Bring pillows, blankets, cozy socks, eye pillows, or other props you desire.

Check the schedule for regular class times.

Also, here are a few RosaYoga reminders -

- Please rsvp to evening classes if possible.
- Feel free to park in front of the garage and pull up closer to the house.
- When your card is full, it will be set out on the table. you can also check to see how many classes you have left at any time you choose. They are sorted by last name.
- If you borrow a mat, please wipe it down before returning it.
- Please abstain from wearing perfumed lotions or products to class.
- Bring props to restorative classes.

Let's enjoy this great new year together!
Please click on the schedule for regular class days and times.