Monday, August 29, 2011


Aloha everyone,

Why not feel the waves roll up on your toes and the sand beneath them? How about the beautiful sunsets of orange and red hues slowly setting over the backdrop of a still evening ocean.


Every time you come to yoga, the feeling of being on a vacation is available to you.
Relaxed, Aware, Content....

Not to mention the fact that Kelly hand waters and feeds each and every plant budding and shining in our yards.
The setting here is beautiful right now with the morning light at our 9:00am class and the evening shadows on the mountains at 6:00.

Come see...(and feel.)

Classes today at 9:00am and 6:00pm.
no classes until next month.

*Note - New evening class days.
Please rsvp for all classes if you know ahead of time.

September Calendar

M, Sept 5 9:00 A Labor day
T, Sept 6 6:00 P
W, Sept 7 9:00 A
Th, Sept 8 6:00 P
Sat, Sept 10 9:00 A
M, Sept 12 9:00 A Full Moon Yoga
T, Sept 13 6:00 P
W, Sept 14 9:00 A
Th, Sept 15 6:00 P
Sat, Sept 17 9:00 A
M, Sept 19 9:00 A
T, Sept 20 6:00 P
W, Sept, 21 9:00 A
T, Sept 27 6:00 P New Moon Candlelight Yoga
W, Sept 28 9:00 A
Th, Sept 29 6:00 P
Sat, Oct 1 9:00 A

For a quick glance, look at the calendar.