Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just in Time is Now

Mom and I went away last weekend up to our home in Sedona. Together, we finished my book, Just in Time. She encouraged me and kept me on track, even through the difficult chapters. I am so blessed to have such wonderful support and her history of our family is so helpful.

Here is a small piece from "Yoga - Grandma's Story" Enjoy.

One Saturday morning, at the age of five, I woke up, still in my pajamas and walked in on Grandma who was in her headstand. “Hi, Honey.” Grandma towered out of the floor like an inverted statue in the middle of the room. Her feet dangled above the edge of her pant legs. She had no problem talking, even when she was upside-down. “How did you sleep?” That’s just like Grandma, keeping up with a conversation even on her head.

Grandma lowered one leg down after the other and sat up on her knees. She looked exactly the same to me from the time I was little until the time before she died. Her natural grey hair hung straight in a short bob, about chin length. Her eyes wide, bright and focused. Her arms and legs, dance-like and flexible, always in motion.

“Come here and get on the floor with me.” Together we reached and stretched, twisted and lengthened, breathed and sighed. “You always learn something new about yourself.”

-- Karen Rose Callan, Just in Time

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Karen and Ellis appear on The Morning Blend

Happy April! We are so blessed to have this beautiful time in Tucson. The weather is cool and crisp in the mornings and then warm and sunny during the days. Perfect for spending yoga time outdoors. We have shared a few classes in the courtyard this past week. Everyone who came left in awe of the birds chirping over us and the light breeze cooling us. Please give yourself the chance to be outdoors...allergies and all. Nature is a great rejuvenator!

Ellis and I had the pleasure of being on The Morning Blend's tv show with Ross McCallister yesterday. We talked about Cystic Fibrosis and our Great Strides walk in Oro Valley this weekend. Ellis was so patient and such a dream as we waited the hour and a half in the green room. She saved her anciness for the camera :)

Follow the link for the Blend's video and enjoy. I love it when she blows kisses.

See you soon in the yoga room.