Saturday, May 4, 2013

Last week, I decided to change my morning routine. I get up and after using the restroom, immediately put on my sweatpants and tennis shoes and walk out the bedroom door, with Clay and Chloe, and go straight out the front door for a walk down to the cul-de-sac. I have been doing this now for a couple of weeks and loving the still morning air, the singing birds, and the blossoming trees. Each day, Chloe spots a lizard or rabbit on the driveway and after a short pause, races to catch them. It is one of the highlights of her day as her large-gummed grin says it all. Clay, on the other hand, keeps a regular pace except for the thousands of bushes (they are actually small weeds, but I wouldn't tell him) he feels the need to lift his leg to. Proud and determined, my little man leaves a lasting impression.

Each of these past mornings, I woke up at exactly 5:41. I do not keep a clock by my bed, but when I go into the restroom, I can see the time and each day it has been the same....5:41. If you already know me, then you know how much I love my Angel Numbers book. It has every number from 0 - 999 mentioned with a message for the viewer. So I looked it up -


I am always amazed at how important and necessary the message is.

Today I decided to stay in bed a little longer. Yes, I woke up at the earlier hour, but my body wanted to stay horizontal so I laid there and did what I used to do. I picked up my I pad and checked my emails, Facebook and the Square report from The Parlour. (This is actually a really cool app which documents every sale we do, and for some reason, it fascinates me as to how many small cups or cones we sell.)

Clay and Chloe sleep with me which I love. I get to see Chloe's brown eyes look over as she opens them for the first time. Ahhhhhh.... Pretty special. Today she looked, she waited, she closed them. Eventually I did get out of bed and get changed and walked them straight out the front door. The temperature outside was perfect. All seemed the same. Then we noticed our neighbor, Dave, with his pit bull mix on his leash, coming up to the bottom of our driveway. I picked up Chloe and stopped walking. Clay couldn't care less and went right up to meet him. The greetings were cordial. Chloe said hello and all was fine. I had forgotten that they walk after we do, but today it was at the same time. Possible problem averted! Yay.

They went on ahead as the next surprise drove down our driveway...Kelly. He loves leaving for his daily tasks early in the morning. "Stop. Sit." Second hurdle handled. Without a thought, I said, "Let's go." We walked back up the driveway at a quicker pace. It was just too early in the morning for me to have any more chance meetings. Chloe didn't feel the same way. She froze on the drive up and growled with a dead stare at one coyote in the desert. I say one because they usually travel in packs. Again, I held her head still with a firm grip so she would understand the intensity of the possible issue. You see, I never put Clay and Chloe on a leash in the early morning because it had never been necessary. They are such great listeners and they mind me when I ask them to stay or follow. Today, obviously, that would have helped.

The coyote's tail was lowered between his legs. He stood and stared right back at us from a safe distance. Neither of us wanted to be the first to move. Knowing the third in a series of challenges thrown at me this morning had just appeared, I figured i wouldn't tempt my guardian angel any longer and just get back inside.

Of course the moral to the story changes as I change. Today I learned that it is best to listen to your guides when they are helping you rather than challenge them by staying in bed just a little longer. I know all would have gone smoothly had I just gotten up at the time they suggested :) Not that the morning wasn't eventful. It was. But sometimes easy and calm is a beautiful uneventful way to start the day :)