Friday, April 4, 2014

A Sign Worth Sharing

While I was wakeful dreaming, Chloe, our havanese poodle mix, jumped off of the bed and went outside. I can't remember the last time she got up in the middle of the night, but I figured since she did, so would I . Still dark out, I walked to the bathroom where the only clock is, by the way, and saw the time...4:44 Apr 4

It took me a few moments to register. 4:44 4 4

444 - the angels are all around us!

I believe that the weeks before Easter are a very spiritual time when the angels expose themselves in big ways. I love being aware of their energy and participation in my life and experiencing all of the goodness they share.

My sister, Jo, has 3 owls in her trees right now. Kristina and Levi announced that they are in the process of adoption. Tonight i get to be with 3 of my kids and their families before a family wedding this weekend. Not to mention the amazing dream I was living just before i got up. (More on that later.)

It's a "what's next" day and it is only 9:00 in the morning! :)

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