Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hosts, posts and more!

Blogs, hosts, posts, landing pages, links, rss feeders...argh!

Are you overwhelmed with technology as much as I am? It is such a time consumer these days to stay up with the trends of marketing, publishing, and promoting on the web. I am more tech savvy than most, and I do love to learn a "new trick." Yet so much time is spent sitting in front of a screen.

I am truly looking forward to simplifying my computer time with a few good apps and writing techniques. But then the big question arises. WHY? Why do any of this? For me the answer is simple. To stay spiritually connected to people. It may not seem "spiritual" to update you with this blog, for example. Yet anytime we can connect either by sharing insights, passions, hobbies, or pains is a spiritually guided connection.

I am surely grateful for sites like Facebook. I can always count on seeing something worthwhile and helpful (since I follow only positive and inspirational people.) Seeing photos of smiling families, videos of animals helping one another, or quotes from wise human beings boost my spiritual energy. I cry almost every day at the kindness and awe I see on screen. If you want to see my latest and greatest, here is the link to my facebook page.

I am always happy to share uplifting messages that make a day a little brighter.

Now back to my task at hand. Hyperlinks here I come!

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