Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Hi everyone! I'm back!
Guess who helped me with my blog?
Courtney is home from college and lucky me and you because now we have this wonderful blog for RosaYoga!
Make sure to click on the Yoga Schedule calendar above for all upcoming classes!
I am so excited about this new website and eventually want to ween everyone from my old website to this new BEAUTIFUL one!!
I will be posting yoga information and any fun bits of joy from my day.
Enjoy this with me and follow along!


  1. thank you for your insight and wisdom. you
    continue to inspire us to expect more and be
    present. namaste.

  2. What a wonderful and beautiful website. Courtney did such an amazing job helping you create this site.You are always so positive, well spoken and inspirational and I'm looking forward to following your blogs.

  3. Karen, your site is BEAUTIFUL and INFORMATIVE! What a great space that you and Courtney created!