Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's New?

So many changes happening here. I have decided to be called 'Mimi' when Ellis arrives. I am thrilled to continue the tradition of 'the inspiring one' as my Grandma's did for me.

I have also enjoyed 'going back to school.' Who would have thought that I would be driving to teach yoga at St. Cyril's again! I'll bet if I added all the drives to and from there it would be more than 8000 trips!
OH WAIT! I wasn't including the after school drives as well as the Paling days and meetings etc!!!!! OK, So it's been a huge part of my life and continues to be.

I also decided that the book I am writing is truly writing me. I have been at the whim of release and growth which could only be credited to the focus and desire to help others while in turn helping me. A great process truly.

I thank you for your continued friendship and dedication to yoga.
With love and gratitude,

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